Moz Light

Working closely with Bayley Senior Living, we’ve devised a system that can project a touchscreen interface on any surface. This is both fun and safe for residents, most of which are within an at-risk population.

Who we are

Working with one of our existing partners, we realized that the client needed the means to have a safe, fun, and engaging interface for at-risk communities. After a rigorous research and development period, the Moz Light came into being and remains a staple of our client’s facilities today!

Will you light up your facilities with the Moz Light?

We’re Members of the Community

Moz Light


These simple to play and manage games offer those with varying cognitive capabilities a means to socialize and smile.

Something New

People are amazed when they see this technology in action, it’s quite different from many other touch-displays as you will see.


We can install one or more Moz Light systems in your facility with hassle-free delivery. We make the process as easy as possible for you.

Safe to Use

Moz Light is safe to use for at-risk populations because of how easy it is to sanitize table surfaces. There is also no risk of damage when individuals hit, lean, or spill something on the table display.


List of Faq

  • No! We will deliver and assemble the device. Included is a manual on how to use it.
  • While the device can be plugged into the wall, there is also a battery back-up installed in case of power outages.
  • The device can be moved very easily. It comes on a rolling cart with locking wheels and an installed counter-weight.

Want to know More?

Click the button below to contact us! We would love to discuss how the Light-Touch can be installed in your facility.

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